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SBT’s Past Productions

The 2009-2010 Santa Barbara Theatre Season


International Acclaim...

“This was a hugely brave and genuinely successful undertaking for a small town regional theatre, offering a large and disciplined cast, delightful costumes, first-rate flying effects, and—yes—that wonderfully sweet Bernstein score.” —Robert Cohen, Plays International (London)

“Completely Captivating!”

“Robert Yacko, a perfectly ill at ease father, and delightfully menacing as Captain Hook. ...Corina Boettger completely captivating and charismatic, a lovely vibrant sprite ...Talya Steinberg as Tootles is particularly winning and the Twins, Jakob and Andrew Miller are adorable. ...Mr. Bernstein’s music is beautiful, and his lyrics are sincere, poetic and character sensitive. This version of Peter Pan, adapted by Albert Ihde, is a well crafted vintage work.” —Alex Henteloff, CASA Santa Barbara

“Many of the songs are showcases for Wendy portrayed at the Lobero this year by the lovely Ronit Aranoff who sings them in an exquisite soprano. New to the production this year is the gorgeous Suzanne Friedline as Mrs. Darling, who also narrates the tale and imbues her role with warmth and verve... Yacko, is as he was last year, both dastardly and deliciously funny as Hook and a fine Mr. Darling as well. In the title role Corina Boettger is every bit as sassy and spunky as she was in 2008 and there is an exciting shipboard sword fight.” —Steve Stanley,

SBT’s 2009 production of Peter Pan featured Corina Boettger as Peter, Ronit Aranoff as Wendy, Chet Carlin as Smee, Miller James as Starkey, Matthew Tavianini as the Never Bird, and Robert Yacko as Captain Hook.


“Santa Barbara Theatre has a winning formula with this production of OUR TOWN. The script, the cast, and the direction are in balance, and the result is an absorbing experience that leaves a potent after-impression. Stan Hoffman is terrific as Dr. Gibb…as the stage manager, Irwin Appel colors the script’s adamant neutrality with a wistful tenderness that softens Wilder’s implicit desperation… Brian Harwell mesmerizes in every scene he plays as Mr. Webb. A consistently fine production...this Grover’s Corners will live on in God’s mind and ours.” —Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

“Not only did the Santa Barbara Theatre bring together a wonderful cast of local actors for its production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town at the Lobero Theatre, but director John Blondell showed us what they can do. As the Stage Manager, Irwin Appel was a solid, comforting presence as both tour guide and commentator on the dynamics of Grover’s Corners. Stan Hoffman and E. Bonnie Lewis as Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs conveyed the propriety of the times, but with an undercurrent of warmth and humanity. As Mrs. Webb, Laurel Lyle gave a subtle and layered performance...Brian Harwell especially brought out the compassion of Mr. Webb, so often buckled under his professional demeanor. To be commended are Gavin Gaitan, for his tight delivery of newspapers and lines, and Anna Joy Lieberman as Mrs. Soames [whose] verging-on-hysterical commentary at George and Emily’s wedding was one of the high points of the show. James Connelly’s drunken choir director’s run-in with two other men of the town was not played for laughs but for aching empathy. A long leisurely evening at the didn’t fail to keep the nearly full house engaged and enjoying their time in Grover’s Corners.” —Justine Sutton, Noozhawk

Our Town featured Sarah Damman Thomas as Emily Webb, Mitchell McLean Thomas as George Gibbs, E. Bonnie Lewis as Mrs. Gibbs, Stan Hoffman as Dr. Gibbs, and Irwin Appel as the Stage Manager.

Photos by David Bazemore