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SBT’s Past Productions

The 2005-2006 Santa Barbara Theatre Season

Morlan Higgins and William Dennis Hurley in EXITS AND ENTRANCES


by Athol Fugard

“EXITS AND ENTRANCES features arguably the best acting to have graced a Santa Barbara stage in a decade.” —Tom Jacobs, Santa Barbara News-Press

“Delightful! A true tour de force. We are fortunate indeed to have this splendid production here.”
Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

“Run, don’t walk to the premiere production of Santa Barbara Theatre’s dazzling gift to out city.” —Alex Henteloff, CASA Santa Barbara

Morlan Higgins and Greg Sanders in HUGHIE


by Eugene O’Neill

“The Santa Barbara Theatre’s production is a virtual master class in fine, nuanced acting.” —Tom Jacobs, Santa Barbara News-Press

“This show offers a rare opportunity to see a performer in such exquisite balance with the heft and import of the material.” —Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

Donne McRae, Alicia Wollerton, Jacqueline Schultz and
Stephanie Stearns in the SBT production of STRING OF PEARLS


by Michele Lowe

“The Santa Barbara Theatre’s production of Michele Lowe’s STRING OF PEARLS is a masterpiece! Go. And may the magic of theatre touch you, too.” —Alex Henteloff, Casa Santa Barbara

“A lovely, lyrical play being acted to perfection. Stephen Sachs’ staging combines a wonderful fluidity with moments of great emotional power.” —Tom Jacobs, Santa Barbara News-Press

Photos by Joanne Calitri